Sesame tofu with red and yellow peppers at SPACE in Seoul, South Korea.

Having your space is important in life. Whether it is at home, a favorite coffee shop, a park bench, or maybe a regular spot in a classroom. People like having a special, regular place to go, and that is exactly what SPACE is all about.

Located on the outskirts of Itaewon, Seoul, SPACE is a place with the objective to bring a community of likeminded individuals together to explore new ideas, and share different perspectives.

According to their Facebook page, “SPACE is the physical and conceptual oasis where we come together to build community and nurture ourselves, our wellness, and our interests in food, yoga, art, creation, and beyond.”

The converted apartment space is the perfect size to host a group of about a dozen people. SPACE offers activities such as yoga lessons, macrobiotic workshops, as well as a vegan brunch on Sunday mornings prepared by guest chefs. That is what two friends and I hit up today, and it was a deliciously fantastic experience.

We enjoyed sesame tofu and bell peppers with a dash of religious debate. Sung Choi Bao (Chinese lettuce wraps), the main course, paired well with talks of favorite adventures and worldly travels. Tea and fresh fruit followed the meal, along with sharing about fundraising successes and future aspirations. Everything was delectable.

The tea library at SPACE in Seoul, South Korea.
The tea "library" at SPACE in Seoul. January, 2013.
What I found most beautiful about this brunch was that most people in attendance arrived without knowing anyone else; however, by the end it seemed as though we had been among good friends the entire time.

“In Korea it is said that a red thread of love connects all of us to each and every one of the people we will meet in a lifetime, and that by honoring each connection, we will realize our life's purpose…”

SPACE believes a certain force ties everyone together, and by bringing people together they hope to provide a place to continue exploring connections made.

Personal beliefs shaped by my own life experiences have led me to this same conclusion. I truly think everyone I meet is for a reason, and the influence they have on my life for however long has a purpose much bigger than I could ever understand. Only in retrospect do I realize just how intricate, intentional and perfect this system of connections is.

If you are currently in the Seoul area, or ever traveling through, be sure to check out this place. Stop by for any of their sessions offered, and see if the space fits you. It may just be the 'oasis' you have been looking for in Korea. I am excited to visit again, and hope to make SPACE one of my special places when I eventually move to Seoul.