A table covered in dishes of Vietnamese food from Hoa Binh restaurant in South Korea.

Cass beer being poured into a glass in South Korea.
Five glasses of Cass beer to cheers in South Korea.
Cheers with my co-teachers in Ochang, South Korea. 
Singing duets with my co-teachers for nearly two hours at karaoke was probably the highlight of our collaborative effort (so far). We rocked it!

I went out for Vietnamese, drinks, and karaoke with my co-teachers tonight. We had the best time. Even though work can get pretty stressful and frustrating, we’re still able to let go and enjoy time together as friends.

Tonight was also the first time I fully realized I’m leaving South Korea in less than three months. We talked about it a lot, and after having so much fun, I started feeling really sad about the fact I won’t get to be here much longer. I won’t get to have them as my co-teachers anymore.

I want to make the best of our remaining weeks as coworkers, although I’m completely exhausted, totally burned out, and suffering from a major case of senioritis. I’m ready to be done. But, I’m not ready to leave just yet.

It’s been such a fantastic experience with my co-teachers. We’ve gone through so much. I’ll miss them a lot, and feel fortunate to have worked alongside and learned from them.