Colorful straws up close in South Korea.

A plate of food, glass of wine, chopsticks, and a napkin from Sung's Buffet in Cheongju, South Korea.
I’ve never felt so full or hungover in my life. I’d like to say it was a successful trip to Sung’s Buffet in Cheongju, South Korea; however, I don’t know if I’ll ever go back again.

Don’t get me wrong. The place was great. It has a large, colorful selection of Korean and foreign cuisine, as well as Korean beer on tap, cheap wine in barrels, a coffee bar, and plenty of dessert.

The problem is I ate (and drank) way too much. You get a three-hour time limit for about 36,000 (KRW). That includes tax, and there’s no gratuity added. Prices vary depending on day and time. Weekdays are cheaper.

The restaurant is large, clean, and nicely decorated. No need to make a reservation unless you absolutely want to be sure you get in, or have a large group. Private rooms are available for wedding parties and/or birthday celebrations as well.

A heart made out of latte foam in South Korea.
A full coffee bar at Sung's Buffet was a nice surprise.
Although it was a Saturday night, I never had to stand in a line to get anything. Plenty of staff is available to serve you, as well as replenish favorites such as deep fried shrimp.

The best part was when a bell rang, and a bunch of Koreans started running. Of course I was clueless, but could only figure something was definitely worth running for. Turns out they were running after crab legs. I’ve never seen so many people run that fast at a buffet. Only in Korea! 

The cheesecake was terribly dry, and I’d like more wine options. Those are my only complaints apart from aforementioned fullness and drunkenness.

You'll be singing a little song for Sung’s Buffet too. Located next to the Express Bus Terminal on the 6th floor of the Dream Plus building in Cheongju, South Korea. Definitely check it out!


  1. Hey! Found your post by searching for a place to celebrate my anniversary with my husband. We are trying to find out if the "unlimited wine and beer" part is all the time, or if it is only on weekdays til five, for example. I have had little luck online and was wondering if maybe you knew?

    1. Nicole, thanks for checking out my blog. I believe the unlimited wine and beer option is all the time. At least it is to my knowledge, and to the knowledge of others I've gone with. The only restriction is a three-hour time limit, I believe. I hope everything works out for you, and you enjoy celebrating your anniversary!


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