Latte art by Daniel in Ochang, South Korea.

Life is so full, isn’t it? Sometimes I feel guilty napping because I don’t want to miss a beat. Other times I nap for two or three hours after school, snoozing for at least an hour of it. I should probably learn how to apologize in Korean so I can say sorry to all my neighbors. Snoozing in the morning is one thing, but twice a day is a bit much.

Thanks to my out-of-control snoozing, I slept through Taekwondo tonight. But, I didn’t want to miss yoga, or coffee with friends. So, I pulled myself out of bed just in time to be late for yoga class.

I randomly had the opportunity to watch a “Brazilian Butt Workout” video via YouTube with my yoga instructor after class. It was probably one of the most awkwardly amazing moments of my Korean life so far. She needs my help to purchase the DVD, and have it shipped to Korea. Little does she know I live for such missions!

There’s a cute new coffee shop in town. I don’t know what it’s called, but it serves up what I’ve named, “Teddy Bear-face Lattes”. The owners are a young couple from Seoul. They roast their own beans, and truly take pride in the artistry of everything coffee. Their willingness to stay open late, to accommodate nearly a dozen of us foreigners in Ochang, was fitting for how charming their café truly is.

Caught in a midnight rain without an umbrella quenched my soul’s thirst. It was exactly what I needed, and I was so happy to share the walk home with a new friend. We chatted as if it wasn’t pouring. With every wet stride, we stepped deeper into conversation. The rain puddled our thoughts.

I’ve decided three things. Life is too short to worry about being late. You can still get that Brazilian butt you’ve always wanted in the end. Why leave sugar out of coffee? Always add a pump or two of sweetness to every sip. And never use an umbrella during a warm, spring rain. Water is perhaps our most basic need, isn’t it?

Life is indeed full.


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