I didn’t mind going into school this afternoon to clean, set up, and prepare for English camp. Even though it's Sunday, and I spent nearly six hours there. The semester ended with a bang, and I didn’t have enough time to get ready for what’s sure to be two weeks filled with “Summer Fun”.

It was a chance for me to get intimate with the classroom, close with my teaching space—to know where things are, and/or where they belong. It’s something I didn’t have the chance to do before.

I reflected a lot on the past year of teaching. I feel like I’ve got a good grasp on my job. I feel really comfortable in this capacity, and look forward to furthering my career as a Guest English Teacher.

It feels good to know something well, doesn't it? Whether that something is a person, place, or thing. Can you tell I’m an English teacher? Give a big round-of-applause for my friend, The Common Noun.

The craft table for "Summer Fun" at Bibong Elementary.
Because there are so many students at my school, I have to rotate classrooms every period. The only true teaching space I can call my own is our English classroom.

I hit the ground running from the moment I stepped into my slippers at school, so there was never really a chance to go through the contents of my classroom. And there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t know we had. Cupboards packed with various teaching resources, costume materials, craft supplies—you name it, I probably found it!

Yes, I even found two bags of ramen noodles. And I ate one. It tasted old.

Of course I’m looking forward to another action-packed English camp, but I’m even more excited about starting my second year at Bibong Elementary. Not only do I want to get to know my job (and classroom) more, I hope to get more personal with my co-teachers, students, and even parents.

It’s getting intimate up in here!


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