A paper sun colored like a rainbow for "Summer Fun" English Camp in South Korea.

I’ve decided two things about teaching English camps. I won’t really eat or sleep for two weeks. The past ten days of my life were completely consumed.

Part of the reason I didn’t eat very much can be attributed to my spending skills. I’m really good at creating budgets, just not very good at following them. I couldn’t afford groceries.

Pictures of the beach and summer fun colored by elementary students in South Korea.
Summery pictures colored by some of my students.
One morning it was double shots of espresso in a can, followed by potato chips for breakfast. Then it was cookies for lunch. Another day it was corn on the cob from my landlady, and then more cookies.

I used to be healthy.

And perhaps the reason I didn’t sleep very much is because I’m somewhat of a procrastinator. Not because I put off doing things until the last minute, but because I have something to do every minute.

At one point during the past two weeks, I fell to sleep while brushing my teeth in the shower. How is that even possible?

It's all about priorities.

A pile of leftover watermelon rinds during "Summer Fun" English Camp at Bibong Elementary in Ochang, South Korea.
Watermelon rinds during "Summer Fun" English Camp.
Our “Summer Fun” English Camp was packed with a variety of summertime activities. We focused on practicing English vocabulary and expressions associated with summer plans and common summery things.

Activities included an egg drop science experiment, a paper bag puppet show, and a garbage bag fashion show/role-play. Snacks such as S’mores, Ants on a Log, and watermelon were enjoyed. Various scavenger hunts, and a water balloon toss were probably the highlights.

Although I did most of the planning and preparation for camp, my co-teachers helped a lot in the classroom. I’m so thankful for their assistance, even though it can be a little frustrating to co-teach at times.

I had to keep reminding myself it was the first time for my co-teachers to do many of the activities we did in class. Their continued patience and willingness to adapt and learn is inspiring.

Bowls of water balloons for activities during "Summer Fun" English Camp in South Korea.
Bowls of water balloons for "Summer Fun" activities!
Kids seemed to have a great time. I think both my co-teachers did too. And I absolutely love my job. In what other capacity could I be a cook, a fish, a cleaner, a hug, a photographer, an encourager, a storyteller, a tutor, a radio announcer, and a friend—all in one day?

Roasting marshmallows and making S'mores by candlelight during "Summer Fun" English Camp in South Korea.
Making S'mores by candlelight at Bibong Elementary.
I look forward to our upcoming winter camps. We’re doing two of them. My goals are to plan way in advance, have enough money saved so I can eat, sleep at least six hours every night during them, and be more conscious about enjoying every moment. Being too busy, focused, and/or stressed can easily take away from loving what you do. Don’t let it.

Now it’s time for "Chase Teacher" to have his 'summer fun'. Vacation starts now!


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