Boats rest peacefully on a beach after a storm on Jeju Island, South Korea.

Hallabongs and hallabong makgeolli on Jeju Island, South Korea.
The next day we decided to take a bus back to Jeju City. We didn’t have time to make it around the entire island. And after the past two days, we weren’t thrilled about the idea of taking a shortcut through mountainous terrain.

We stayed dry on our way to the bus terminal by stopping to have hallabong (Jeju tangerines) and makgeolli in one of the many touristy shops along the road. But, just before we reached the station it poured. We got drenched.

What took us nearly three days to bike took the bus about an hour and a half to travel. When we arrived in Jeju City, we weren’t able to open the storage bin that held one of our bikes under the bus. The driver got really angry about this, and verbally assaulted Howl’s mother. Bless her heart.

By this time Howl had about enough, so I followed the bus to a parking garage. The driver was surprisingly nice to me, and spoke a lot of English. He wished me well, and even invited me to come back whenever I got the chance. Howl wasn’t pleased with my star treatment, but at least we got the bike back. It helps to be Caucasian man in Korea.

Trying to stay out of the rain while biking on Jeju Island, South Korea.
Staying dry on our last day of biking on Jeju Island.
We spent about the last of our money on a cheap motel, but kept enough for dinner at the local 711. All I wanted was a cup of noodles, and some rice for our curry we boiled in the bathroom sink.

My first mistake was going commando to the convenience store. My second mistake was staying to eat noodles at the convenience store. My third mistake was forgetting I wasn’t wearing underwear. Then I unintentionally exposed myself to a Korean family. Good thing we were leaving the next day.


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