Social media sites such as Facebook have changed my life. If you’re reading this line I’m sure you can relate. Blogger is just one of many ways I keep people up-to-date on my experiences living and working in Korea. Several of you have been notified to read this post via email, and some of you saw it shared on my Facebook profile. Welcome. Thanks for visiting. Hopefully I didn’t add too much extra clutter to your already-full newsfeed.

We all know it’s now possible to stay instantly connected with anyone, anywhere. However, it seems what was meant to make communication more efficient has turned out to be quite the opposite for me. Instead of a few close friends, I’m able to have hundreds. The problem is I can’t keep in touch with hundreds of people.

Realizing it’s impossible to stay connected with everyone I’d like to keep tabs on, even with access to a bazillion different ways to communicate, is completely overwhelming. I’ve fallen months, even years behind on correspondence. I don’t even know where to start there’s so much clutter to dig through. So, I just don’t.

Lately I’ve felt this need to take a break from it all. Focus on reorganizing and prioritizing. Though I wish I could go back to the days of writing letters and making phone calls for hours, I know I can’t. It’s no longer feasible with my lifestyle.

Of course I’m thankful it’s easy to keep in touch from afar. I’ll probably live and work abroad forever. However, that’s part the problem. Maybe it’s not supposed to be this easy. I can’t even keep up with my family, but I could probably know what you just ate for dinner. That's too much information! Clutter patrol to the rescue. 

I think I’ll stop blogging for a few months. And in the time I’d normally devote to updating this site, I’ll send emails, make a few phone calls, and write letters instead. It’ll feel good to make a dent in the pile of stuff I’ve been neglecting to do. I hope friends/family reading this post haven’t taken my lag in response time too personally. Please know it only means I haven’t had a chance to pour my heart into a proper reply. I’m working on it.


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