Competition was strong in the karaoke contest at the 2013 End of the Year Banquet sponsored by Chungbuk's Provincial Office of Education. I sang among the best.

Natalie Abreu brought it with Dancing Queen. She had back up dancers to boot. Ryan Watson gave it his all with All I Want for Christmas. He even had party poppers. Jeff Wester took us on a trip down memory lane with Country Roads. Who can beat John Denver? Maria Vaughan Pino sang Killing Me Softly, and slayed me softly inside. Kathy Hall and Lawrence Stahl did a Korean song in matching costumes with choreography. That put us all to shame. I did a rendition of Part of Your World, representing Disney and childhood dreams to the best of my ability.

Ryan and I rehearsed several times before the big show. We’d hit up coin-operated karaoke machines around Cheongju, pausing only to stuff our faces with pomme frites (Belgian fries) lathered in processed cheese. Up until the day before the contest I didn’t know what I was singing. Thankfully, I got my top choice—the only song I practiced ahead of time.

The night was full of awkwardness, so by the time I sang nothing could get worse. I had the honor of receiving my prize for the EPIK Life video contest. However, I was introduced to everyone as “Ms. Chase Chisholm”—a bit of foreshadowing for what was to come—and before being handed the award, I had to face the Governor of Education for several minutes without saying anything. I just bowed an unnecessary amount of times because I didn’t know what else do.

The only reason I won the singing contest must have been the wig I fashioned to be Ariel’s hair. I always kind of wanted to be The Little Mermaid. I rocked those pipe cleaners, as if they were my own flowing locks of red hair, in front of everyone who’s anyone when it comes to my employment through Chungbuk’s Provincial Office of Education, South Korea. Thankfully, I still have a job.

Although I didn’t have the assistance of a good friend who helped me win last year, I’m proud to say I’m the reigning karaoke champion among Guest English Teachers in Chungbuk Province for the second year in a row. And since this year was the last for the End of the Year Banquet, I’ll be the titleholder from this region forever. Fame is my destiny.


JOIN CHASE: You're Welcome, Korea


  1. I literally laughed out loud at the part where you said you were introduced as "Ms...." good lord. Too funny! Man, do I miss you.

    1. Lindsay, you have no idea how much I miss you, and our times together. I really hope to see you again someday. And someday soon. Get ready for a dance party!


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