Keith and Debra Odegard in Busan, South Korea.

How everything in my life is connected never ceases to amaze me. It’s not difficult for me to make a connection, or find a connection with just about everyone I meet.

I got to spend the day with Keith and Debra Odegard in Busan, South Korea. Keith and Debra are Annika’s parents. Annika is the dear friend I got to see in Seoul a few weeks ago. Her family enjoys going on cruises, and her parents just happened to also be porting in Korea for a day.

As I waited for Keith and Debra at the International Cruise Terminal in Busan, I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of foreigners pouring off the ship. It was my first time to be surrounded by such diversity since arriving in Korea.

Keith and Debra, my Canadian father and mother, had a bit of a fiasco just a few days before we planned to meet. To make a long story, short, they missed their ship in China, had to fly to Seoul, and then take the train to Busan. I had more time to wait because of this, which naturally led to making a connection.

It was so interesting to observe how passengers were greeted, and how they first reacted to Koreans outside the gate. I even become somewhat of a guide for visitors seeking information as I stood there.

A woman who had been watching me said, “You seem to be quite amused by all this.”

After chatting for a bit, I explained to her how exciting it was to be around so many foreigners. She introduced herself as Joy Davis from Texas. I told her I’ve been working as a Guest English Teacher for nearly two years in Korea, and that I was waiting for friends to get off the boat. It didn’t take us long to find our connection after that.

“Would you happen to know Brian and Casey?” she asked.

My jaw about dropped. Of course I did! Brian and Casey are good friends of mine. We lived in the same town in Korea, but they just finished their contracts and left. I knew they were on a cruise, but didn’t realize it was the same cruise Keith and Debra Odegard were on.

Joy met them on the boat, traveled with them for a day when they ported in China, and had just eaten breakfast with them that morning. We couldn’t believe it. Both of us agreed Brian and Casey are amazing. It was so fun to reminisce with her about two people I adore.

Even though I didn’t get the opportunity to see Brian and Casey again, I did get the chance to let them know about the connection Joy and I had made. And after a fantastic day around Busan with Keith and Debra, I hope all of them happen to meet as they sail away to Japan.