I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I have in my life recently. And I don’t just mean materials. I also mean people. Do I truly appreciate the people in my life? Do I tell my friends and family how much they mean to me? Am I really thankful for all that I have? Do I value the opportunities and possessions I’ve been given?

Until it’s too late, we don’t always recognize or see the value of everything surrounding us. At least I don’t. I want to be more aware of how I use my resources. I want to be more cautious about how much I simply toss out because it’s no longer “of use” to me.

Think about the things you have, and the people in your life. Do you use half of it? Do you fully know half of them? Coming from a consumerist society, and currently living in a technologically advanced country; I want everything now—instantly.

It’s too easy for me to discard something for the next best thing, and forget about fostering deep relationships with the people that should matter. All because our lives have been watered down by what we’re told will make them better, faster, more efficient.

I’ve gained a new appreciation for the things in my life recently. I hope you do too.


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