Biking on and off trails near Cheongju, South Korea.

It’s freeing. My bike. I feel so free. On my bike. And I’m obsessed. With my bike. I can’t stop biking. I heart my bike.

The trails around my city promise adventure.

Drinking makgeolli under a bridge along a bike trail in South Korea.
Drinking makgeolli under a bridge along the bike path.

Biking with friends in Ochang, South Korea.
With a group of biking friends in Ochang, South Korea.

Drinking makgeolli (rice wine) under a bridge with a bunch of Korean men and a new friend, while eating kimchi and chocolate next to an attention-starved little boy.

Randomly ending up off trail, on some back road that leads to what appears to be a detention center for juvenile delinquents in the middle of nowhere, Korea.

Riding in the rain. Speeding through puddles of mud and manure.

Watching farmers prepare paddies, plant, and rice begin to grow.

Eating a bunch of gnats while belting Broadway tunes late at night.

Getting through Cheonjgu at rush hour.

Jumping over uneven pavement, potholes, and ajummas that pop out of nowhere.

Swerving around Koreans using cell phones, Koreans with strollers, Koreans in strollers, and Koreans using cell phones in strollers.

Stopping to snap a photo of an artist painting the landscape.

Joining a group of "biker babes", but losing them because of stopping to snap a photo of an artist painting the landscape.

I heart my bike, and the world it has opened up for me. I get to experience an entirely different side of life in Korea. With my bike. Adventure awaits. On my bike!


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An artist painting a picture by the bike path near Cheongju, South Korea.
An artist painting near the bike path in Cheongju, South Korea.