We’ve had a bit of a heat wave the past few days. Apparently it’s a common occurrence during Korean winters. It’ll warm up for about three or four days, feel almost like spring, and then get super cold for about three days. Reminds me of growing up in Iowa—extremes of everything at a moment’s notice.

This evening was warm enough to go on a bike ride for the first time this year. Pretty impressive since it’s still January. Most of the snow has melted, so the bike path was completely open for riding. It felt so good to get on the trail again. The last time I rode my bike was nearly three months ago.

My bike has become such a big part of my life and experience in Korea. I’m already dreaming of all the adventures I’m going to have this coming spring and summer. All the while feeling reminiscent about places it’s already taken me.

If you live in Korea and don’t have a bike, I strongly encourage you to get one. If you plan on visiting Korea, consider renting a bike from one of many shops in and around Seoul. You may not have time for a cross-country bike trip, but there are plenty of shorter paths to explore too.

As a way to continue paying off debt, I’ve decided to make bicycling my main form of exercise for the rest of the year. I’ve already quit going to Taekwondo, and have recently stopped attending yoga classes. Both are quite expensive, and lately I’ve been in need of more time to myself.

Hopping on my bike for an hour or two is the perfect way to get rid of a little stress, process a day, explore more, save some money, and get exercise at the same time. Perhaps this is why my mind has been all over the place this winter. I haven’t had biking as an outlet to let go and just be.

I wasn’t ready to starting teaching again after break. Today was my first day back at school. Tonight's bike ride helped clear my thoughts, and mentally prepare me for this period in between winter and spring vacation. There’s only about one more week left of the semester, and then I get to go on another vacation. I hope it’s nice enough to go for long bike rides every day!


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