Hundreds of people on inner tubes at Haeundae Beach in Busan, South Korea.

A giant burger with lots of toppings in Busan, South Korea.Khoi and I binged our way through Busan. From the moment we arrived no calorie was spared.

Chicken. Beer. Giant beef burgers topped with cheese, egg, cabbage, more cheese, and probably bacon. Chicken burgers. Fries. Ice cream. Massive buffet. Endless wine. Numerous coffees. To life!

We deserved it after biking from Seoul, right? That’s what we kept telling ourselves at least.

Ending our trip in Busan meant we were rewarded with an afternoon at the beach. The waves at Haeundae Beach were the biggest I’ve ever seen. Khoi screamed like a child every time one came crashing down. I loved it. We enjoyed it. I miss it.

We were invited to share a beach umbrella with people we just met. Haeundae was packed, and we didn’t want to stay long enough to rent one. Our new friends were so kind to let us join them.

What I’ll remember most about this journey is how generous, helpful, and welcoming people were along the way. Just like our new friends at the beach.

People provided us with water, iced tea, and bananas. Invited us for coffee, and dinners. Gave discounts. Directions. Watched our bikes. Opened their homes. Even an “angel ajumma” helped us get our bikes on Busan’s metro today.

Goes to show that if you’re willing to try, others will cheer you on. I’m absolutely amazed, and feel so, so full from binging on life this week.


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Busan Tower at dusk in Busan, South Korea.
Busan Tower at dusk in Busan, South Korea. August, 2012.


  1. Tks Chase... I enjoy your journey... It sure was fun and
    It was a long ride, not sure if I would survive it, but defiantly something I would love to do b4 the summer is over...
    Thank you for sharing...

    1. Thanks for reading about our journey. You should definitely do a long bike ride before the summer is over. I'm sure your experience would be full of fun and drama too. I'm looking forward to another bike big ride before I depart Korea.

  2. I'm hoping to do this ride myself someday. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. 조안나, I hope you do as well! Thanks for checking out my story. Please share your story when you do. I'll be going again this August. You should too!


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